Supplier List

Access to suppliers for all types of agricultural inputs, from seed to amendments and more, is an important factor for farms of all sizes, from market gardens, to the largest commercial operation. *The following is a break-down of suppliers found in Nova Scotia, as well as major locations outside of the province.

*Please be advised that the following is not a complete list of all such businesses in Nova Scotia. If you are a supplier who would like to be added to this list please contact us.

Cabot Shipping Supplies 

Cavendish Agri Services (farm supplies, fertilizer, pesticides, seed)

Clarence Farm Services Ltd (farm supplies, feed)

Co-op Country Store (farm supplies, feed)

C.O. Keddy Nursery Inc. (commercial nursery – strawberry, raspberry/blackberry, asparagus, rhubarb)

G.W. Allen Nursery Ltd. (commercial nursery – strawberry, raspberry/blackberry, asparagus, rhubarb)

Halifax Seed (seed, farm supplies, pesticides, fertilizers)

Hillside Feeds (feed)

Hope Seeds (seed)

Holna Farm Services (farm supplies, feed)

Scotian Gold Cooperative Limited (farm supplies, feed, fertilizer, pesticides, seed)

Shur-Gain Feeds & Needs (farm supplies, feed)

The Briar Patch (nursery)

Tidal Organics (kelp meal)

Truro Agromart Ltd (farm supplies, fertilizer, pesticides, seed)

Alexander Eppler Ltd. – Seattle, WA (nursery)

Agri-Starts Inc. – Apopka, Fl (nursery)

A.G. Ammon Nursery Inc. – Chatsworth, NJ (nursery)

Awald Farms – North Collins, NY (nursery)

Bailey Nurseries – St Paul, MN (nursery)

Blueberry Croft Nursery – Cub Run, KY (nursery)

Boston Mountain Nurseries – Mountainburg, AR (nursery)

Daisy Farms – Dowagiac, MI (nursery)

Degrandchamps – South Haven, MI (nursery)

DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Blueberry Nursery – Hammonton, NJ (nursery)

DNA Gardens – Elnora, AB (nursery)

Edible Landscaping – Afton, VA (nursery)

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Inc. – Lowell, OR (highbush blueberry nursery)

Ferme R. Labrecque Inc. – St. Charles, Quebec City (nursery)

Hantmann’s Plant Company – Grand Junction, MI (nursery)

Honeyberry USA – Bagley, MN (nursery)

Hortico Nurseries Inc. – Waterdown, ON (nursery)

Indiana Berry & Plant Co. – Plymouth, IN (nursery)

Jones Family Farms – Bailey, NC (nursery)

Ken M Spooner Farms Nurseries – Puyallup, WA (nursery)

Koppes Plants – Watsonville, CA (nursery)

Krohne Plant Farms Inc. – Hartford, MI (berry nursery)

L.E. Cooke Co. – Visalia, CA (nursery)

Luc Lareault Nursery – Lavaltrie, Quebec (berry nursery)

McGinnis Berry Crops Ltd. – Courtenay, B.C. (nursery)

North American Plants – McMinnville, OR (nursery)

Northwoods Nursery – Molalla, OR (nursery)

Nourse Farms Inc. – Deerfield, MA (berry nursery)

Novafruit Inc. – Paul d’Abbottsford, Quebec (nursery)

One Green World – Portland, OR (nursery)

Paradise Nursery (nursery)

Pense Nursery – Mountainburg, AR (nursery)

Pepiniere A. Masse Inc. – St. Cesaire, Quebec City (nursery)

Pitspone Farms – Kendall Park, NJ (nursery)

Raintree Nursery – Morton, WA (nursery)

Southmeadow Fruit Gardens – Baroda, MI (nursery)

Stokes Blueberries – Grand Junction, MI (nursery)

St. Lawrence Nurseries – Potsdam, NY (nursery)

Strawberry Tyme Farms – Simcoe, Ontario (highbush blueberries, raspberry, blackberry, rhubarb, horseradish, asparagus, half high blueberries)

Tree Nursery Inc. – Altamont, TN (nursery)

True Vine Ranch – Bonner Springs, KS (nursery)

Tower View Nursery – South Haven, MI (nursery)

Twisted Tree Farm – Spencer, NY (nursery)

Waters J9 Blueberry Farm – Madisonville, KY (nursery)

Weeks Berry Nursery – Keizer, OR (nursery)

Whitman Farms – Salem, OR (nursery)

Wholesale Nursery Company – Altamont TN (nursery)

Veseys – Prince Edward Island