Nova Scotia Department
of Agriculture

Looking for expert advice for your farm? Our team of professionals is available to assist you. Our services are available to anyone in Nova Scotia who is farming or thinking of starting a farm. Call us today or visit the department on the web.

Regional Services

Staff teams within each regional office provide dynamic and effective service delivery.

The teams:

  • Provide extension services aimed at supporting industry competitiveness;
  • Promote the link between local agriculture and social well- being;
  • Coordinate educational events for clients to explore opportunities in the industry;
  • Offer a strengthened approach to service delivery across the value chain;
  • Develop leadership capacity in youth and adults; and
  • Work cooperatively with agricultural organizations, municipal governments, non-profit groups, and other government agencies to meet the Department’s mandate in the regions.

Team clusters are found in five regions across the province: Western, Valley, Central, Eastern, and Cape Breton. These teams are comprised of an Agricultural Resource Coordinator (field service), Agriculture Transition Officer (special projects), Agriculture Leadership Coordinator (youth and volunteer leadership development), Business Development Officer (agriculture opportunities), and administrative support staff.

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Nova Scotia Department of Environment

Nova Scotia Environment focuses on climate change, protecting our environment and advancing our ambitious environmental goals.

Responsible Regulation of the Fur Industry

Government listened to the concerns raised by communities about mink farming and developed regulations under the Fur Industry Act to balance protection of the environment with support for growing this important industry for rural Nova Scotia. More information

Guide to Surface Water Withdrawal Approvals

Water withdrawals of more than 23,000 litres per day for a period of more than two weeks require an approval. We’ve updated the guide that explains the process. More information

Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement

More information

In Nova Scotia pesticides are regulated by the federal, provincial and in some cases municipal governments. More information